Heroes of Tamen

The Journey Begins - Something unexpected

Memories of a Guardian


Dear reader

What you will encounter in the following text is a man's memories of past events. Some memories may be different from the real events that took place. Alas, that is the consequence of relying on the thoughts that make up the memories of the past.

I write this now in the hopes that you may find enlightenment. Enlightenment about me and my companions, but perhaps also an insight into the events that took place before and led up to, among other things, the invasion of Deepfort.


And so it begins

As many journeys do, this one started with a road, and led to places that weren't planned.

So it came to pass that I, Giles de Lepon, set out to discover the goings on behind the rumors of recent bandit attacks on my family's land. For this task, my good friend Gimble Timbers, a friendly and trustworthy gnomish fellow, particularly skilled with a bow and with getting things done, whom I'd worked with on occasion before, joined me on my journey. We met his brother, Humple, in a small town and travelled together from there as part of a protective crew for a caravan towards Deepfort. It was my hope that we would learn more of the bandits as we travelled on established trading routes, and we even got perhaps a bit more than I hoped for, when a raiding party of cultists (we know later that these were indeed cultists and very likely in league with the sinister forces that would later invade Deepfort). Fighting broke out, and was it not for Humple, the caravan leader would surely have died. We did manage to save a merchant and his important goods, which turned out to be a tome of evil design, though we did not know this at the time. Having lost his hired guard, we took up the job of protecting him and his secret cargo, that it may reach Deepfort unharmed and in good condition.


volkerfrau andr_larsen

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